And so it begins

  While to some it may seem natural to blog, or to share what they are feeling I find it to be a daunting task. There are so many areas in my life where I have been seeking ways to improve and develop and time is one of those areas. As my list of duties continue to grow blogging just seemed to be too much in addition to the show and podcast. Then there is the nagging feeling that whatever I write on a blog may be too raw, too transparent for the readers. 

 Yet here I am sitting in front of the laptop, with what feels like a million distractions happening around me. I have had about six interruptions, a phone call, you name it to keep me from getting these thoughts out of my head. Meanwhile in the grand scheme of things I am somewhat accustomed to multitasking. Those who know me will tell you that I will push myself to the limit, even working past exhaustion when duty calls. 

 So with all of that said I titled this blog "And So It Begins" because for me it is a new beginning. This is not my first time blogging, however it is my first blog as The Micah Dobbins Show. It is the first time that I am placing my family name on the line, and understanding what that means when someone reads this. My commitment is to only write what I really feel, and express myself as transparent as possible. 

  This has been a roller coaster of a ride to be quite honest. When asked to do a radio show under the name I expressed who I was to the head of the station expecting them to resend the offer. To my surprise they were excited about the show, albeit hesitant about my direction being a man of the cloth. It was to be expected since they didn't request that I preach, but that I would be free to share my personal conviction. 

 Surviving a company split after a few months and seeing everything rebranded is enough to make many quit. I wouldn't be sharing my true feelings if I didn't tell you that there have been times where I wondered if TMDS would resonate. It was the listeners of the radio show, the messages that I received on how it was making an impact that compelled me to press forward. 

 Realizing that some learned vital things about their medications from "Your Health Is Your Wealth" segments; or someone was motivated by "A Time In History" let's me know that there is a need being filled on this show. Others have shared how "Word Of The Day" gave them the spiritual insight that they needed at that very moment shows me that the best may be yet to come. 

 While I am preparing, writing, filming, interviewing, and planning each episode and story there are so many other things vying for my time. As a minister, husband, father, business owner, I have learned to appreciate the skill of juggling to find balance, and with God's help I will continue. And so I leave you with this, I will continue to fight to be a voice of reason, a voice of integrity, a voice that speaks truth, with every show I can give. 

 And so it begins...

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